Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Photo Blog: My Stay in Balikpapan

I stayed at Novotel Balikpapan for at least 50 nights. Here are the pictures I took in my last week of stay.

The hanger. Not used too often.

Really wish this air-con controller has sleep function

Had to fill up this form every night and put my laundry in the bag

Not bright enough to read with

My bag and the shades

I always hang the towel but the housekeeper always give me a new one on Wednesday

Frozen juice from supermarket, and the only free beverage in the room. Coffee and tea.

Main use: "Could you get me laundry from last week?"

TV set is small and outdated

Always bring home this pair of sandals (and daily supply of shower caps for the women in my house)

Well, this one is not originally in the room. Brought this to get rid of the silence.

When there is signal, I use this to tweet. And news browsing.

Tried to read this book every night. Only managed to read like a quarter of it.

The decorative painting and a package of brown sugar

Default items in breakfast: these, and coffee.

A personal favorite, but not ordering it too often because it's so big.

Have to wait for this at least twice a day.

That's about it. Hopefully will come back there again in the future.